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SMEV Adventure trip to Slamet & Bromo Mountain

Even when still as a prototype, SMEV's revolutionary E-motorbike embarked on some remarkable feats, showcasing its prowess and capabilities. The adventurous spirit of SMEV led us to conduct rigorous tests and long-distance rides to renowned destinations like Slamet Mountain and Bromo Mountain. These challenging terrains allowed us to put our electric motorbike through its paces, demonstrating its endurance, performance, and adaptability to various environments. With each journey, we gained invaluable insights and fine-tuned our motorbike, taking us one step closer to introducing an extraordinary electric mobility experience to the world. Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and bring our dream of personalized and thrilling E-motorbikes to life.

SMEV EM-T performed at Slide On Sunday Event - Aug 2023

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